Passionately Serving Jesus In Yadkin County, NC

Ministries Around Our Church

Sunday School

We have Sunday School classes for all ages here at Northwood.

Nursery: Birth to 2yrs. Old

Toddlers: 2-3 years

Preschool: 4 years

Preschool: 5 years

Beginners: 6 years – 1st Grade

Beginners: 7 years – 2nd Grade

Primary: 8 years – 3rd Grade

Primary: 9 years – 4th Grade

Intermediate: 10-11 years – 5th & 6th Grade

Junior: 12-13 years – 7th & 8th Grade

Teen Boys: 9th grade & Up

Teen Girls: 9th grade and Up


Bible Believers Class

Fellowship Class

Senior Adults

Senior Men

Senior Women


We sing the old hymns of the faith here at Northwood. We have an adult choir and a youth choir that have a good selection of Christ honoring music. We also have special music as well from individuals and groups.  If you like old fashion, heart felt music that stirs your heart, you will enjoy the music here.

Soul Winning Visitation

Every Saturday morning at 10:00 we have bus visitation and church wide visitation. We feel like that this is part of the Great Commission. We not only want to reach people globally, but locally as well.

Bus Ministry

A very important part of Northwood Baptist Church is the Bus Ministry. We want to provide men, women, boys and girls with safe transportation to church. Every Sunday morning we run 6 buses into 3 different counties. The Lord has blessed this area of our church in a tremendous way. We have people saved almost every Sunday that rode the bus or van to church.

Junior Church

More than 100 children from the ages of 6 to 12 in our Junior Church  here the Word of God every Sunday morning. A team of workers serve in this ministry every week and we have been blessed to see much fruit from this labor.

Senior Saints

We love our Senior Saints at Northwood!! We have special outings for them on a regular basis. We also have a special Sunday annualy just to honor them and their faithfulness to our Lord down through the years.

World Missions

Here at Northwood much emphasis is put on reaching the world with the gospel. We have an entire page with the listing of the missionaries and mission projects we support financially each month. We not only support them financially here, but we support them with our prayers.

Nursing Home Ministry

Northwood has a regular Nursing Home Ministry. Several from the church go into the local nursing home and preach to and sing with the residents there. Our Youth Choir also goes to sing there.

Jail Ministry

Several men from our church go into our local jail and preach the gospel. We have men that have been saved as a result of this ministry that are coming to church today.

Radio Ministry

Northwood has a radio broadcast Monday – Friday on several radio stations.  They are WYZD 1560AM at 10:45 am and WPIP 880AM at 4:15 pm.